The Hooks

Our hooks are perfect for you bike shoes but also can be used for hanging towels, sneakers, bands, weights, and much more. If you want to hang it, FHG™ Hooks will hold it

The Refreshers

Don't forget to keep your sneakers and shoes clean with FHG™ Refreshers. These capsules will not only keep your sneaks fresh but they'll also fight off all that live bacteria and sweat build up.

Real Reviews from Real Fit Home Gym™ Customers

I love the Fit Home Gym hooks! They fit perfectly on my Peloton and the Refreshers keep mine and my wife's sneakers smelling fresh. Excited to see what else this company has in store.

Michael Forest

FHG is awesome and I'm super happy with my bike hooks

Leroy Spano

I used these hooks to hang up my sneakers on my wall rack - I love the design and innovation. You guys are making working out at home even better.

Jon Sherman